My Favs:«Unforgettable Wedding Gowns» exhibition

Are you planning to come to Portugal between June 7th and September 7th? Don’t miss the original and ephemeral exhibition launched by my cousin Diana d’Orléans. Discover in a singular place Unforgettable Wedding Gowns and their accessoires created by the most brilliant master icons of Haute Couture and get lost in the historical and classified city of Évora.


Press Release:

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The Duchess of Cadaval is honoured to host the exhibition “Unforgettable Wedding Gowns” at the Cadaval Palace’s private Church, in Évora.

This singular exhibition has been conceived by Hubert de Givenchy, himself one of the very few master icons of Haute Couture that highly contributed for the history of fashion and costumes in the 20th century with his creations which delighted many very elegant symbols, as the Duchess of Windsor, the actress Audrey Hepburn or the American First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Hubert de Givenchy, a personal and a lifetime friend of the Duchess of Cadaval, imagined this exhibition exclusively for one of the most appreciated private churches of Portugal – the Church of Saint John Evangelist in the Cadaval Palace – which is decorated, floor to ceiling, with the most magnificent blue and white tiles, dated 1711. Furthermore, the spectacular golden main altar, in the Mannerist style, was an inspiration for Givenchy’s project.

The Unforgettable Wedding Gowns and their accessoires, to be presented in Évora, a Portuguese historical city classified World Heritage, will be dressed on exclusive haute couture dummies and will be exhibited on made to measure podiums and in an atmosphere specially created for the occasion. The singular atmosphere of an unforgettable wedding day in a noble palace’s church…!

The exhibition will be showing from June 7th to September 7th, a time of year when Évora is visited by many tourists from all over the world – China, Japan, France, Spain, England, Belgium, just to mention the largest represented nationalities, but also Brasilians and thousands of Portuguese from all over the country.

Powering the wedding theme that is not only a fascinating subject, but also one that generates a significant volume of business worldwide, this exhibition hosted by the Duchess of Cadaval will certainly attract the attention of the international media, not only for having been conceived by Hubert de Givenchy – who will be present at its opening! – but also for its unique location and for showing pieces of art. Handcrafted in the most prestigious haute couture sanctuaries and that have never been seen by the public…