L’Art Autrement Dit

Precursor of an innovative concept, then covered by severals companies and organisations to value arts & crafts professions, the « L’Art Autrement Dit » organization was created in 2008 and is chaired by Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme. The association allows the creation of an original and artistic bridge between the world of art and the business one.

There couldn’t be a better association than the synergy between the talent of an artist and the savoir-faire of an industrial group or human-sized company to offer a powerful and unique image on a national or international level.

The organization relies on the artists’ and companies’ savoir-faire to develop a mutual communication.

With the finalized works of art, the company will be able to communicate by launching private exhibitions exclusive to their clients or to a chosen audience. Once the exhibition concludes, the company will close her media plan by setting up an auction made of all of the displayed creations.


The Grand Prix of « L’Art Autrement Dit »

This prize rewards the most original and covered exhibitions put together by companies.

The artists behind the most acclaimed exhibitions (which will be judged by a jury made of the art world’s leading figures) will be rewarded with a grant helping them to highlight their passion.


Discovery of the different fields

The « L’Art Autrement Dit » organization has decided to focus on college students, allowing them to discover the fields and industries of art. This will be done through discovery days spent on creative and production sites, students being guided by specialists who will share their knowledge with them.