HRH Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme Graces The Cover Of Pasarela De Asfalto

Paris, February 8th, 2016

Dressed by talented french creator Denis Durand, HRH Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme graces the cover of the latest issue of high end Spanish magazine Pasarela de Asfalto. She opens up to the magazine’s publication director José Pavón Chisbert in a special 14-page feature. This exclusive interview with the Spanish press took place at the Hôtel de Guénégaud, which is listed historical monument and the headquarters of the french Maison de la Chasse. « I’d like to thank the Maison de la Chasse’s circle for their warm welcome » stressed Tania de Bourbon Parme.

In this sophisticated magazine, you’ll learn about her job as a designer, her passion for art but also about the key figures she meets on a regular basis as part of her activities. «Special thanks to Francisco José Pavón Chisbert, José Antonio Pavón Gómez, Julieta de Zulueta et Henrinuko for this beautiful meeting. » said Tania de Bourbon Parme.

Pasarela de Asfalto, a bi-annual magazine supported by Leonor Pérez Pita (head of Madrid’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week), is managed by Europe’s youngest publication director, Francisco José Pavón Chisbert.

The publication, which became the international ambassador of the Spanish fashion world, shares educational, cultural and timeless values with its readers. It’s also the first magazine used as teaching tool by some Spain based schools.

COVER pasareladeasfalto

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