Royal Collection

Inspired by the Codes of Royalty from the Renaissance era, Princess Tania of Bourbon-Parma, descendant of King Louis XIII, designed this magnificent creation.

Entailing two writing instruments and a lighter, the ROYAL COLLECTION is hand sculpted and engraved from bronze. Polished with yellow gold color hand patina, this masterpiece is covered with finely sculptured “fleur-de-lis”.

A majestic crown set by a sapphire (cabochon cut) is used to decorate the top of the pen. The sides of the lighter are dressed with blueChinese lacquer with a royal crown engraved on one side.

“”For this set, I searched for the excellence and purity of line drawing inspiration from thecodes of royalty which, at that time, marked the influence of France in theworld. Only S.T.Dupont’s know-how in lacquer and goldsmith could bring justice to the unique, elegant and sublime design.””