Louis XIII Holdings Limited

Special Advisor

Her Royal Highness Princesse Tania de Bourbon Parme act as Special Advisor to the Company’s Chairman Mr. Stephen Hung on the creation of what will be Macau’s first domestic luxury lifestyle brand.

The design concept for the Louis XIII project, as the name suggests, will take inspiration from the Renaissance/Baroque style during the reign of King Louis XIII, and HRH Princesse Tania will work closely with Mr. Stephen Hung to capture the elegant and regal references of that period.

“I am truly thrilled to have been invited by Stephen to act as his Special Advisor, given my family heritage and my passion for design. It is wonderful to see the tradition of my ancestors honoured in this way, by a project so far from France, in this dynamic city of Macau, which is taking its inspiration from the reign of King Louis XIII.”

Source : http://www.lxiii.com



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