HRH Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme is an unclassifiable designer. She mainly specialized in the creation of art pieces intended for collectors or leading figures who are willing to own unique creations.

Considering the personality, wishes and dreams of each acquirer, Tania de Bourbon Parme designs tailored objects that can be produced with the help of the French Art Masters’ savoir-faire in jewelry, tableware or fashion accessories.

Tania de Bourbon Parme has recently teamed up with S.T. Dupont to create a unique table lighter sleeping on its base and adorned with a majestic crown ornamented with no less that 152 sapphires and 400gr solid gold.

The 500.000 Euros record price has been certified by the Guinness book, making this unique creation « the world’s most expensive lighter ».

For this « Louis XIII Fleur de Parme » set, which was ordered by an Hong Kong collector fascinated by the history of France, the designer found her inspiration in the Renaissance Baroque style, while making reference to the Royal Emblem : the Fleur de Lys.

Seduced by her creativity and her direct filiation with King Louis XIII, the collector asked for Tania de Bourbon Parme to join his board as artistic adviser.